alisea_dream (alisea_dream) wrote in nothingiswhat,

7th post; 6 songs & 1 album

Antony And The Johnsons - Hope There's Someone
(http; myspace)
Hope there's someone who'll take care of me
When I die, Will I go?

Bell Biv Devoe - Poison
(http; myspace)
Girl I must warn you
I sense something strange in my mind
Yeah yo situation is serious
Let's cure it 'cause we're running out of time

Boston - More Than A Feeling
(http; myspace)
I looked out this morning and the sun was gone
Turned on some music to start my day
I lost myself in a familiar song
I closed my eyes and I slipped away

Iggy Pop & The Stooges - I wanna Be Your Dog
(http; myspace)
And now I'm ready to close my eyes
And now I'm ready to close my mind
And now I'm ready to feel your hand
And lose my heart on the burning sand
And now I wanna be your dog
And now I wanna be your dog
And now I wanna be your dog...

The Monkees - Daydream Believers
(http; myspace)
Cheer up, sleepy Jean, oh what can it mean
To a daydream believer and a homecoming queen?.

Fontains of Wayne - Hey Julie 
(http; myspace)
Working all day for a mean little man
With a clip-on tie and a rub-on tan
He's got me running 'round the office like a dog around a track
But when I get home,
You're always there to rub my back

Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High
(http; myspace)

Okay for the next week I'll take only one request, so here my albums list : A-L   M-Z !

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